About Monkeh Works

Monkeh Works Ltd is a web content company based in Hertfordshire, England. Our focus is on helping companies develop a cost effective and easy-to-maintain web presence, and get the most out of existing systems. This includes new web builds, updating existing sites, mobile applications and social media. We also undertake branding and design work that runs alongside and supports web marketing programmes.

Monkeh Works Ltd is based on the creative and development partnership of Matt Gifford and Cate Stewart-Gifford.

About Matt

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Matt is the lead developer and provider of tailored consultancy services for Monkeh Works Ltd. Matt specialises in ColdFusion, however has extensive development experience in other languages. He loves automating workflows and processes.

He is an expert contributor to .net magazine, writer for Web Designer magazine and author of ‘Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusion’ and ‘PhoneGap Mobile Application Development Cookbook ‘.

Matt is also a regular speaker and has presented and taught at conferences such as Future of Web Design, Adobe MAX, CF Objective and Scotch on the Rocks. He is the Adobe User Group Manager for Hertfordshire, an Adobe Community Professional and a member of the ColdFusion Advisory Board.

He’s an expert craftsman. What he delivers is awesome, and the code is also awesome. Results, and process are good.

He takes the time to assist others, at great cost to himself.

He’s awesome to work with, nice guy, respectful, and communicative.

-- Terrency Ryan, Evangelist, Adobe Systems Ltd

Matt was shortlisted for the .net Magazine 2011 net awards under the “Developer of the Year” category, and was the winner of the 2012 Critter awards from ubelly.com, under the “Next Big Thing” category.

About Cate

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Cate has been a freelance writer and designer for over 15 years; her work appearing in national publications in New Zealand, Cyprus and the UK. As well as writing for magazines and newspapers, she has also worked as a Consultant Editor for the United Nations, marketeer and advertising consultant.

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While  continuing to do some design work, taking care of the business administration and helping clients, Cate also runs Pipsy & Ted, an online shop with limited run and one off craft pieces.

When she’s not working she enjoys spending time with her husband and four children. She also spends an inordinate amount of time vacuuming.

Cate is one of the most creative people I know. She is always suggesting new ways for us to enhance and improve our online presence.

-- Nigel Stephenson, Marketing Director, K3 Retail