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CFML Badges

Nov 26, 2019

A few years ago I forked an open-source project called For The Badge which provides funny and sometimes useful status badges for README files and documentation.

I initially forked it so that I could add a few CFML-related badges into it, but the PR process was long and I realised that I had a number of badges that would need to be approved.

So instead I cloned a copy of the repository and turned it into a CFML-specific badge site, with some general web development badges still included.

I realised last week that I never blogged about it (my blog was down) and I only tweeted about it a few times, so I thought I’d fix that and have something solid written up on the blog about it.

Introducing CFML Badges

The badge site is available at and from there you can view and filter all of the available badges you can currently add to your documentation.

I find the compatibility badges very useful at the top of README files so users know which CFML engines and versions support the code in question:



I use them in all of my current CFML repositories when I release something or eventually get around to updating other code.

I have a few personal favourites on there, and some bring back memories of past times with the CFML development community.




Because he’s helped me out this week, one for Brad Wood was added:


as well as a new one for the Modernize or Die podcast:


If anyone has any suggestions for CFML badges they would like available on the site, please let me know in the comments and I’ll see if I can get them added.

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