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Monkeh.. where have you been?

Oct 7, 2019

I have been blogging in some shape or form for over ten years.

However, three years ago, shortly after my move to Cyprus, I stopped.

The server housing my old blog died. Whilst I still had the source code, it was a blog written in Metalsmith, which needed to be compiled from JS and Markdown into the static site files.

As my server died, so too did the Jenkins process I had managing the compilation and deployment for the site.

As a result, I just stopped blogging.

I told myself I’d get back to it, but never did. In truth, I kind of enjoyed the peace and quiet, and not having to come up with useful content.

It was only when I went to CFCamp a few years ago and caught up with some of the folks at Adobe that I realised the impact; they told me they thought I had just disappeared and no longer developed using CFML.

After assuring them I was still very much a CF dev, and will probably always be a CF developer, I went on my way.

Skip forward a few years to the CFSummit 2019 conference last week, and the same reassurances had to be made.

Let me set that record straight right now, should anyone care.

I have never left CFML development. CFML has been my livelihood for more years than I have hair, and I love every day I work with it.

Yes, I got complacent without the blog, but a bit of free time is a good thing.

I have been working solidly on a number of different projects over the last three years, most of which I can talk about, all of which have taught me something new about CFML development; new tools, tips and techniques to improve the code and performance of an application.

So, I have a number of blog entries planned coming your way to share some of these as I go.

You have been warned :)

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