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Mar 8, 2011

I'm relatively new to the world of git.

I primarily use SVN as my method of version control. In fact, it wasn't until I sat in on Sim Bateman's presentation at the ColdFusion un-conference at MAX 2010 until I finally started to look into it. It's a nice system, incredibly powerful and relatively simple to just pick up and run with.

I love the ability to create local git repositories on your own machine; you instantly remove the need or requirement for any specific or dedicated repository server if purely working on your own local code.

I have started to transfer some of my open source ColdFusion projects over to, and so feel free to head on over and fork any code. I would love other developers to dig in and send any improvements or adjustments through; open source releases should be a collaborative process! :)

I have always and WILL always continue to use as my main resource for deploying any open source applications I develop. It's a truly awesome resource that keeps growing thanks to the community who continue to build OS projects. Consider github an extension to riaforge and the ability to collaborate on the projects. It will also hopefully assist in bringing more attention to ColdFusion projects outside of our community.

You can find my public repositories at


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