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Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusion Book OUT NOW

Oct 14, 2010

Today is a very exciting day for me - my first book "Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusion" is out NOW!

Oooooh, exciting!

I know, right?

Gimmee Some Details

Published by Packt Publishing, it is a handy-sized 192 pages or so, and full of ColdFusion OOP goodness.

Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusion - by Matt Gifford

At the time of writing, there are some seriously good offers on price - the eBook is £14.44 whilst the printed copy is £22.49.

You can buy a bundle pack of the two (eBook AND printed) for £25.04.

If you havent already got a copy of John Farrar's ColdFusion 9 Developer Tutorial, there is a special offer to purchase it with the the Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusion publication (both in eBook format) and get 50% discount on both. BARGAIN!

What Can I Learn?

"Break free from procedural programming and learn how to optimize your applications and enhance your skills using objects and design patterns"

Add Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusion to your bookshelfTo quote from the publishers site, here is what you can learn from this book:

  • Make your ColdFusion Components (CFCs) come alive with methods, using object inheritance, connecting to a database through the internal methods of our object/CFCs
  • Create a Bean object, complete with accessors and mutators to set and retrieve properties in the object, including sample code for ColdFusion 9 script components
  • Optimize and encapsulate your functions to improve code portability
  • Introduce the Bean into ColdFusion object-oriented programming design patterns, discover the benefits of code inheritance and understand polymorphism
  • Persist objects in memory throughout your applications
  • Examples of OOP concepts and basic design patterns
  • Create a service layer or façade to interact with your objects

Who is it written for?

The quick, honest answer is YOU.

The slightly more detailed, corporate answer is:

"If you are a web developer wanting to implement object-oriented programming with ColdFusion, then this book is for you. If your goal is to get a good grounding in the basics of object-oriented programming concepts, this book is perfect for you. No prior knowledge of object-oriented programming is expected, but basic knowledge of ColdFusion development skills is assumed."

Visit the book page on the publisher's website for full details:

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