Into The Box 2015 Notes

Into the Box 2015

Monkeh Works are speaking at (and attending the rest of) Into The Box in Minneapolis and will be posting notes of sessions attended throughout the day.

Thanks to Ortus Solutions for organising this great event and for all of the sponsors for, well, sponsoring it.

This is the brain dump of notes taken throughout the sessions attended.

Make of them what you will.

NoSQL for you and me

Presented by Brad Wood and Curt Gratz

Code demo from Brad using CommandBox and CFCouchbase SDK (CFCouchbase SDK on Github)

Crash Course in Ionic + AngularJS

Presented by Nolan Erck

Check out the and

Winning with Vagrant, Puppet and Chef

Presented by Matt Gifford

Killing Shark-Riding Dinosaurs with ORM

Presented by Joel Watson

Migrating legacy applications to ColdBox MVC

Presented by Scott Caldwell


Making URLs compatible (index.cfm)

Deal with Application.cfc/cfm from your legacy application


cfincludes, createObjects etc.. paths will need to change


CFC invocation

Move settings and environmental settings to ColdBox.cfc

Utilize Layouts


Going Forward


Package Management and Automation with CommandBox

Presented by Brad Wood

Lots of demos of package management installing from ForgeBox through the CLI.

Get books from link above :)

Powering AngularJS With RESTFul services

Presented by Curt Gratz and Nathaniel Francis

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