CFCamp 2015 Day Two

CFCamp 2015

Monkeh Works are at CFCamp in Munich and will be posting notes of sessions attended throughout the day.

Thanks to for organising this great event and for all of the sponsors for, well, sponsoring it.

Day 2

This is the brain dump from day two of the CFCamp conference and notes taken throughout the sessions attended.

Make of them what you will. May contain spelling mistakes.

How to stop wasting your time and start performing useful code reviews - Maria Khalusova

Code reviews help with:

Don't use code reviews as performance reviews

Starting of

Key Aspects:

The Team
Change Impact
  1. Work on feature / fix
  2. Commit the Change
  3. Review the change
  4. Done?
    • If no, repeat steps 1-3

Git repositories should NEVER have problems finding a tool that works.


Making code reviews useful

Automate whatever can be automated

Code review is NOT a place for coding style wars

Don't waste time discussing or arguing about spaces / tabs, styles etc.

(nb: use editor config)

As code author
As code reviewer

Know what to look for

General and Business Logic
Architecture and Design
Readability and Maintainability
Always code as if the person who ends up maintaining your code is a violent psychopath who knows where you live - John F. Woods (1991), Martin Golding (1994)

Automate these where possible:


Useful resources:

Learn to give feedback

Praise Good Work

We need more positive feedback.

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