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Sep 9, 2008

Step 1 - regain health and quit the sticks

It has begun.

I've written a list. A list of things I would like to achieve before I turn 30, and I have started to work on some of the items on the list. The most obvious one, which kind of has an...

Sep 4, 2008

Clever Live Pod...

Tomorrow (Friday 5th September) at 8pm GMT BST heralds a new era in British Podcasting with a live version of my favourite podcast, Clever Little Pod.

I'm really looking forward to watching the show live. It's always full of great comedy and some fantastic...

Aug 29, 2008

The Matt Gifford Show Returns #1

It's coming back.. here's promo #1.

Direct link to show

Aug 27, 2008

Off to Flex Camp

Flex Camp 2008

I'm quite excited. The first official UK Flex Camp is being held tomorrow in London.

It's going to be a chance to find out the latest news, techniques and information about FLEX, along side other developers and officials from Adobe. Is it wrong...

Aug 19, 2008

Song of the week...

I heard this song on Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code podcast a few weeks ago and loved it. I had to track it down and share it with the world.

Aug 14, 2008

Things to do before I'm 30

Things to do before I\'m 30I've been thinking over the past few days about things I'd like to achieve in life before I reach the grand old age of 30. I've decided to create a...

Aug 13, 2008

Found just in time...

For a while now, our daily car has been suffering from a strange noise, especially audible when reversing. A sort of "clunk-screech" affair. The suspension has also been noticeably lacking in actual suspension. The tracking has been off, and I tested it the other day driving along, releasing the wheel...

Aug 4, 2008

Why I don't need an iPhone... but I still want one

I'm a slut for the Apple. I'll admit that. There are 7 iPods of some variation and generation in our household. Two of them are mine. I don't listen to them as much as I used to (I've found that old age has meant that my concentration diminishes the more...

Jul 29, 2008

When employees go their own way

The BBC reported this morning that a small group of former employees at Google have gone their own way and have created a search engine they hope will rival Google, called Cuil (pronounced 'cool'), claiming that it does a better job of indexing pages and information.

This hasn't been the first...

Jul 29, 2008

A pod-blast from the past

The Matt Gifford Show podcastI just found a feed on Odeo to my old podcast show. I didn't think that the mp3 files would be available, but those that were hosted on Libsyn are still there.