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The Critters Awards

Jun 1, 2011

Wednesday 25th May 2011 saw the inaugural award event from the team at - The Critters!

A fantastic night out, and a really fun awards party complete with karaoke and filled with memetastic awesomeness - real words, not made up at all. The categories and shortlists were picked by a handful of judges and community experts. The winners were voted for by the guests at the event itself using an app call Screach over the wi-fi network to vote, which was pretty cool.

The categories and winners are:

  • Blog of the Year - HTML5 Doctor
  • Meme of the Year - Old Spice
  • Web we would mate with - The Wilderness Downtown
  • Next Big Thing - Naomi Atkinson
  • App of the Year - Dropbox
  • Open Source Web App - Wordpress
  • Event of the Year - New Adventures in Web Design
  • Fail of the Year - Apple Ping
  • Win of the Year - Egypt Social Media Uprising

For more details on the event, check out the official ubelly post with winner information and links.

A big thank you to ubelly for organising a great event, and here's to next year's Critters!

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